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Camp Program Areas

Host to Camp Chief Little Turtle and Camp Foellinger, the Anthony Wayne  Scout Reservation and its 1200 acres of unspoiled woodland is the ultimate laboratory for the Scout summer camp experience. A fully trained and prepared staff is on hand at camp to deliver a wide variety of programs in Aquatics, Turtle Quest (first year campers), Ecology/Conservation, Sports, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Music), Outdoor Skills and High Adventure (C.O.P.E. & Climbing).  Challenging merit badges and high adventure activities for the older Scouts are supported through multiple program areas throughout the reservation. 

For more information click on the title of each area.

All Aquatic Merit Badges and awards are instructed on our very own beautiful Pit Lake. A former rock quarry, its crystal clear waters and sandy bottom make us proud to say that it is one of the cleanest lakes in Indiana! The Aquatics Program is supervised by a National Camp School Certified Aquatic Director.

All Ecology-Conservation Merit Badges are based out of the Thomas Lodge and utilize the 1200 acres of classroom space on the Anthony Wayne Scout Reservation. The property boasts a wide variety of wildlife include White Tail Deer, Pheasant,Turkey, and the not so elusive Northern Indiana Large Mouth Mosquito! 

The Order of the Arrow is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts of America and works to encourage continued participation in Scouting and camping . Kiskakon Lodge provides service to Camp Chief Little Turtle through cheerful, friendly service. The OA camp chief also instructs the Indian Lore and Scouting Heritage Merit Badges.

Project C.O.P.E. (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) is a program available to Scouts at least 13 years old and is designed to build teamwork, communication, problem solving, trust, leadership, self-esteem, and decision-making. The Project C.O.P.E. course and climbing tower are supervised by National Camp School Trained C.O.P.E. and Climbing Directors.

Here scouts can participate in Cycling and Golf Merit Badges. As well as our own Sports Director will host various physical activities and tournaments throughout the week. Stop by and checkout what we have to offer. The "GaGa Pit" was added in 2015 becoming an instant hit!

The Trading Post teaches the Salesmanship merit badge,

but is open for many hours throughout the day to supply

your troops with whatever you need. We're your one stop shop

for everything Camp Chief Little Turtle. We have camp merchandise, basic need for camping (mosquito spray,

fire starters, etc.), pocket knives, ice, snacks, soda/ pop

depending where your from, and plenty of patches. Stop in

and talk to the friendly trading post staff during your stay!

This new and exciting program is located in Carburetor Canyon! The awesome machines provided are used in a five day course to explore the 1200 acres. This exciting program is run by an American Safety Institute (ASI) Instructor.

Camp Chief Little Turtle is very well known for its High Adventure Facilities. We take great pride in having a state of the art 32-foot climbing and rappelling tower. This location is a favorite destination for Scouts wishing to defy gravity! The Project C.O.P.E. course and climbing tower are supervised by National Camp School Trained C.O.P.E. and Climbing Directors.

New this year is our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Music or STEAM for short center. This area will be taking the place of our Handicraft area. The STEAM Center is located in Grandstaff Lodge (East of the Dining Hall). 

Outdoor Skills  - where Scouts can advance their skills in Orienteering, Pioneering, and Camping. Build a tower or catapult from your own hands! The Outdoor Skills area is supervised by a National Camp School Trained Outdoor

Skills Director.

  Cole Shooting Sports (Archery, Shotgun, Rifle , and

             Black Powder) Ranges were rebuilt in 2003 as                   part of the AWAC Capital Campaign. Rifles, shotguns,

paintball guns, bows and arrows are all well maintained

and replaced on a regular schedule. Additional sessions

may be required to complete these badges.

All Shooting Sports activities are supervised by a

National Camp School Trained Shooting Sports Director

or NRA Certified Instructor.

Scouts in this area can attend a variety of Eagle required Merit badges, including all of the citizenships. Our Director will also be setting up a variety of classes to inform scouts of the process and changes in paperwork needed to apply for boards, and approval of projects.

Turtle Quest is Camp Chief Little Turtle's first year camper

program.  The course was developed by a National Camp School Instructor, and has been used as a template for many other

camps as well. Scouts are divided into patrols for the week,

where they utilize the patrol method to accomplish tasks, and

work on a variety of scouting skills. It is a half day program

allowing scouts to explore a little more of the camp.

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