Wood Cutters Day

Spring Cutters Day

March 2, 2020

Fall Cutters Day

October 17, 2020

Come join us at Camp Chief Little Turtle to help cut firewood.

Please bring along your trucks, log splitters, and manpower!

Adults will run the equipment and youth will lift and carry wood. It’s a great unit service project opportunity for Cub Scouts through Venturers. Check-In will be at the Dining Hall porch for all who wish to help out!

Lunch Provided

Free tent camping this weekend only!

If your unit wishes to help out, please call Kevin Sark at
260-403-6289 so he can get you on the crew list

and to have a count for lunch.

Reserve your campsite contact:

Program Assistant at Cody.Zimmerman@ Scouting.org or call him at 260-432-9593 to reserve a campsite AFTER you call Kevin Sark

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