Cub Scout Camp Registration


Session 1 July 22-25

Session 2 July 26-29

Session 3 July 29-Aug 1


Attendee Types                      Early Bird Price                      Regular Price

Scout                                        $145                                        $160

Den Chief                                 $70                                          $80  

Adult (Full Week)                   $70                                          $80

How to qualify for Early Bird price:

Get the “Early Bird” price for Scouts by doing ALL of the following:

  1. paying the $50 Early Bird Deposit for each Scout by March 2.

  2. make the final payment AND turn in the name of the “Early Bird” Scouts by June 1.

Get the “Early Bird” price for adults by paying for them AND turning in their names by June 1.  There is no deposit for adults.

Money without names does not qualify you for the Early Bird price.


Action                                       Date                                         Amount of money

Unit Registration Deposit      Before March 1st                   $100 per Pack

Early Bird Deposit                  Before March 2nd                  $50 per Scout          

Final Payment                        Before June 1st                      Remainder of balance


Discount                            Explanation

Workership                       AVAILABLE TO ANTHONY WAYNE AREA COUNCIL SCOUTS                                               ONLY.  Workerships are awarded to Scouts needing financial                                               assistance.  Applications are due no later than April 1,                                                           2020.  This includes Boy Scout and Cub/Webelos Scouts.                                                     Applications will be reviewed by the Council Camping                                                           Committee and units and families will be notified prior to                                                       payment deadlines.  Find the form here.

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