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Camp Awards Programs

For the following Awards, please check out Camp Forms

This local council award was started in 1993. Scouts and adults whose unit earns it for the first time wear the Blue Heron Patch. The second year of participation earns them a white arrowhead pin; the third year they earn a yellow arrowhead pin; and the fourth year they earn the black arrowhead pin. The last pin to earn is the red arrow- head pin. Troops who have earned the Blue Heron Award for 5 years are presented a plaque at the closing campfire. Patches & Pins available for purchase from the Trading Post at Camp. Troop leadership is responsible for maintaining records and submitting paperwork to the Camp Director to earn the award each year.

Form available at Camp Administration office.


  • The unit must accumulate 125 points in their campsite inspections (per the commissioner score sheet).

  • The unit must participate in the following camp-wide events:

    • Slip N Slide & COPE Challenge

    • Little Turtle Cup

    • Gateway Competition

  • The unit must attend the Camp Vespers/other religious service.

  • The unit must complete a camp service project AND a cleaning project as designated by the camp office.

  • The unit or a patrol of the unit must teach/lead a song or skit at closing campfire.

  • The unit SPL must attend all SPL meetings.

  • The unit or patrols of the unit must participate in three of the following:

    • OA Event

    • Trail Hike

    • Polar Bear Swim

    • Flying Squirrel

    • Muzzleloader Madness


The commissioner award may be earned by accumulating a total of 125 points for the week. The camp commissioner staff will inspect every campsite Monday through Friday. The camp commissioner staff is the final authority on all commissioner awards. The Commissioner Award is one of the required items for the Blue Heron Camper Award.



Each troop is encouraged to participate in the camp gateway competition. The gateway will be scored on the following: correct knots & lashings, Scout participation (non-adult), originality, and creativity. Ribbons will be awarded to all participants including first through third place. The camp commissioner staff is responsible for judging gateways. The gateway competition is one of the required items for the Blue Heron Camper Award. Please note that gateways MUST not block the camp service road through any campsite. A camp service road runs through or into every campsite. Please locate your gateways to the sides of these roads.

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