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Turtle Quest

First Year Camper Program

Mission: To introduce first year scouts to

Camp Chief Little Turtle and the Boy Scout program, while utilizing basic

essential scout skills, providing fun, and adventures in the great outdoor.


Eligibility: The Turtle Quest Program is open to all first year scouts. The program

is specifically designed to work with Scouts who crossed over from Webelos to Boy Scouts

in the spring. It is NOT mandatory that the first-year Scouts participate in this program.

The Turtle Quest Program is geared for young Scouts who have not yet achieved Scout or

Tenderfoot Rank and need to learn the basic skills. It is not as requirement driven as the merit badge

program and focuses on basic skills and the use of the patrol method. The unit leader is the best

judge of which Scouts would benefit most from the program.


The focus of this program is NOT on rank advancement, but on the basic skills of patrol method, first aid, map skills, firem’n chip, and knots.


Scouts are organized into patrols for the week with scouts from other units. The Program begins by developing the patrol through teamwork style games and learning about their fellow Scouts. The scouts will be introduced and work with many scouts skills, but staff will not be signing off requirements, leaders are responsible for reviewing and signing off skills. Totin’ Chip will be offered during open session throughout the week. Thursday, the Scouts will be meeting and leaving after dinner, carrying their stuff, for a campfire program and an optional sheltered overnight, no tents needed. Scouts will return Friday morning before breakfast.


Equipment: Every scout should bring a water bottle or closed container. For the overnight scouts will need: sleeping bag, extra socks, long sleeve shirt, flashlight, bug spray, rain gear, and bag to carry their stuff.

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