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Daily Camp Programs

FLAG CEREMONIES: Flags and the evening meal are a time to break out the OFFICIAL Scout uniform. (Official BSA Shirt, BSA Pants, Belt, Socks, Camp Hat) The flag lowering will start promptly at the designated time. All units are to assemble on the Parade Field in PROPER Scout Uniform. We will then have evening lowering, followed by announcements. The camp will then be dismissed to Larsen Lodge for good food, fun, and fellowship. Flag raising will start at the designated time each morning Scouts and adults may wear their activity uniform of the day to morning flags (Official Scout Uniform is not required). After morning flag raising, Scouts will be dismissed to begin their exciting day of merit badges and fun.


ORDER OF THE ARROW: Camp Chief Little Turtle is home to the Order of the Arrow, Kiskakon Lodge “The Standing Bear Lodge”.  We recognize all the sweat, strained muscles, dirty and tired bodies it takes to help maintain and get the camp ready for another camping season.  They will be conducting meetings, service projects, call-outs, and advancement during your camp week.  The OA Representative will schedule all Blue Heron Award Service Projects.


DISC GOLF: Open all 6 sessions. Check out a set of Disc Golf discs (Driver, Short- Range, and Putter) from the Sports Shed or bring your own. Our 9 hole course is arranged in a circular pattern around the Parade Field. Challenge your friends, scouts from other units, or your Scout Leader! Discs are available on a first-come-first-served basis.


MOUNTAIN BIKES: Open sessions. Sign your troop or patrol up for a self guided tour around the reservation on the camp’s Trek mountain bikes. These are self guided trips and must be accompanied by two-deep leadership. Guided tours with a staff member are also available upon request. Over twenty miles of marked trails will take you to the far reaches of camp. A must for all campers. Trail maps are available at the camp administration office.


FLYING SQUIRREL: The flying squirrel is a Project C.O.P.E. high event available to all Scouts and adults. The flying squirrel is located in the Canary Valley activity field. The participant is attached to a climbing rope hung from a pulley nearly 40 feet above the ground. On the other end of the rope is a minimum of five people who act as a dog sled team. The participant is quickly pulled from the ground into the air in a matter of seconds and becomes the flying squirrel! This activity is a must! Senior Patrol leaders will have the opportunity to sign up for this event at the daily SPL meeting.


CLIMBING TOWER: Max. Class Size—12 Camp Chief Little Turtle’s 35-foot tower will give you the opportunity to test your skills at three levels of difficulty. Ceramic finger tip and foot holds help you develop your ascent to the deck above where you switch belay lines to repel down the shear side, swinging out over the earth, all controlled by you, the ropes, and your belayer.


MOUNTAIN BOARDS: Open sessions. Derived from skateboarding and snowboarding this new extreme sport is growing in popularity and has been featured at the National Jamboree. Participants will be trained in proper use and safety. All safety equipment including knee/elbow pads and helmets are provided. NOTE: PARTICIPANTS MUST BE AT LEAST 14 YEARS OF AGE.


FIELD GAMES: Open sessions. Field games are available in all open sessions including 9 Square, Gaga Ball, Horseshoes, Volleyball and Bag Toss games. Join fellow campers in these fun activities! Have fun and test your skills!

CAMPFIRES: This summer you will have the opportunity to participate in two campfire programs. The first is the opening campfire on Sunday. The second is the closing campfire on Friday night. Each unit will be asked to perform a skit or song during the week and the very best skits and songs will be selected for the closing campfire. Scouts and leaders should be in the official Scout Uniform for campfires. All skits and songs must be pre-approved by the Camp Program Director.


EARLY BIRD SWIM:  Weather permitting, the waterfront will be open before breakfast on the designated day for a quick dip in Pit Lake to get your day off on the right foot! Patches will be available in the camp trading post. Troop sign-up.


VESPER SERVICES: Scouts will have an opportunity to attend an all-faith worship service. Any religious group is welcome to hold its own service. Daily reflection and/or devotionals is encouraged by all troops. Scouts and leaders are encouraged be in the official Scout Uniform for the all-faith service.


LEADER LUNCH & DUTCH-OVEN COOK-OFF: Every unit will have the opportunity to meet with a Council Representative Wednesday during lunch to discuss the camp program, upcoming council and national events, and future camp plans. Please plan on sending at least one representative from your troop to share your honest feelings and ideas about camp. A special lunch will be provided for those in attendance.


Prepare your favorite scout leader in your choice of spice! Oh wait... all unit leaders are encouraged to prepare (yes, that means cook) a dessert item of your choice to compete against other leaders. This is an individual event and there can be more than one entry from each unit. Desserts will be judged on taste, creativity, and presentation. Competition will take place each Wednesday at 12:30 at the BBQ Pit (east of dining hall). Winners each week will be presented a prize! Cook-off will serve as dessert for the Scoutmaster Steak Fry.


TROOP OVERNIGHTS: The Sand Dune, Halls Hill, Fort Cooper and the Covered Wagons are all available for a troop overnight on a first come, first served basis. Troops must sign up for these activities at the camp office. There are no special programs provided for these campouts... simply a fun way for a troop to spend a night of camp away from the tents. An option if your troop is completing the Blue Heron project. Troops are required to provide proper leadership for these overnights.


WATER BALL: A camp-wide activity! Awards will be presented to the finalists. Senior Patrol Leaders will be responsible for signing up their troop at the Senior Patrol Leader Meeting. 50 year Celebration party to immidiately follow the Water Ball competition.

FAMILY NIGHT: - Join the Camp Staff on Friday night at the Larson Lodge Dining Hall for an old fashion picnic. Guests and family members are invited to join us. Meal tickets may be purchased at the Camp Office prior to the meal. Please have a rough headcount of those attending when you register at camp on your first day.


Breakfast Saturday morning will be delivered by camp staff to each site by 7:30 am. Staff will also be available to begin the check-out process.

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