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Cub Scout Camp

Cub Scout Camp at CCLT delivers an incredible and amazingly creative experience to you and your youth. With a rotation of four different themes your scout will have a new experience every year. 

Time Travel

Session 1 

July 19-22, 2023

Session 2

July 23-26, 2023


Session 3

July 26-29, 2023 


Attention!! All regular scheduled program has been postponed to train all cub scouts to become master spies! Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to help the CCLT staff discover which one of its agents turned against the cub scouts. Only with your help will WE be able to stop the culprit, bring them to justice, and save the cub scouts from being sabotaged!

S.O.C.O.: The School of Covert Operations will specialize in preparing your team of spies to work together and accomplish the challenges set before them that will meet some requirements for Running with the Pack & Stronger, Faster, Higher!


B.O.C.O.: The Bureau of Clandestine Operations will teach tools of the spy trade including Forensics & Engineer.


SHOOTING SPORTS: Always a favorite among scouts (and leaders), this program includes training in BB Guns and Archery. Along the way, scouts will earn the Level 1 (Participation & Knowledge).


AQUATICS: Pit Lake, a former rock quarry, is a crystal clear lake where boating and swimming takes place. This program will not only help you beat the summer heat, but you will have a great time and earn some advancement! Portions of the Wolf “Spirit of the Water,” Bear “Salmon Run,” and Webelos Aquanaut will be completed during each session.


FLEX: This is an unscheduled time for your den or pack to design your own program. There are plenty of program opportunities that will be available for you to choose from including fishing, disc golf, volleyball, hiking, or just relaxing in your campsite! A list of suggested activities will be made available upon your arrival. Achievement Bags are available to be checked out from the Admin Building.


OPEN PROGRAM: Program areas will be open for your den or pack to choose from. Programs include (but not limited to) BB, archery, swimming, boating, fishing, branding, field games, and more! Open programming is available on the second evening from 7:15-9:00pm. Units are also encouraged to conduct their own evening campfire program to promote unit camaraderie.


PACK COMPETITION: Best undercover disguise at opening campfire. (Pack’s with high participation are more likely to win)!

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