BASKETRY—  Scouts must purchase both round and square basket kits plus a stool kit at the Camp Trading Post. Each Scout will weave his own baskets and stool that he can take home. This is an excellent merit badge for young scouts. Recommended for all Scouts.




                    CRIME PREVENTION / FINGERPRINTING— NEW! These  two courses will be taught together in the same                                    course. and scouts will work on both during the one hour session. Recommended for 2nd year campers and                             older. Prerequisites - Crime Prevention Req. 4 and 7.


LEATHERWORK— Scouts will learn to use a variety of techniques used in working with leather. Scouts will need to purchase leather kits at the Camp Trading Post. Recommended for all Scouts.




WOODCARVING— Scouts should bring a sharp pocket knife in good repair and their Totin' Chip to show the instructor before beginning any woodcarving project.. They must also purchase a wood carving kit from the Camp Trading Post. Recommend for 2nd year campers & older.


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