Cub Scout Camp

Cub Scout Camp at CCLT delivers an incredible and amazingly creative experience to you and your youth. With a rotation of four differnt themes your scout will have a new experience every year. Please plan on attending a camp kick-off meeting to learn more. Click here to get more information on Cub Camp Kick-Off.


Session 1 - July 18 - 21, 2018

Session 2 - July 22 - 25, 2018 

Session 3 - July 25 - 28, 2018 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... Is to help the staff at CCLT find out which one of our agents turned against us and bring them to justice. Will you be able to solve the mystery and save the cub scouts from being sabotaged?

THEME SPORTS: Located in the “Four Corners” area, The School of Covert Operations (S.O.C.O.) will specialize in preparing your team of spies to work together and accomplish the challenges set before them that will meet some requirements for Camper and Running with the Pack.


CRAFTS: The Bureau Of Clandestine Operations (B.O.C.O.) is located in Grandstaff Lodge and will teach tools of the spy trade including forensics and gadget building.


SHOOTING SPORTS: Always a favorite among scouts (and leaders), the Special Projectiles And Tactics (S.P.A.T.) program includes training in BB Guns and Archery. Along the way, scouts will earn the Level 1 (Participation & Knowledge) Shooting Sports Award for both BB & Archery.


AQUATICS: Pit Lake, a former rock quarry, is a crystal clear lake where all boating and swimming takes place. The Special Water Immersion Mission (S.W.I.M.) program will not only help you beat the summer heat, but you will have a great time and earn some advancement! Portions of the Wolf “Spirit of the Water”, Bear “Salmon Run”, and Webelos Aquanaut will be completed during each session.


NATURE CENTER: Although not in the daily program rotation, the Nature-Ecology Specialty Training (N.E.S.T.) will be open during your scheduled FLEX time. Units may opt to stop in and visit with the animals or participate in a conservation project or tree/animal identification for advancement.


FLEX: This is an unscheduled time for your den or pack to design your own program. There are plenty of program opportunities that will be available for you to choose from including fishing, disc golf, volleyball, hiking, visiting the nature center, or just relaxing in your campsite! A list of suggested activities will be made available upon your arrival. Camp Staff will be at your service to accommodate any program needs you have during this session.


SUPER ACTIVITY: Scouts will be divided by rank and each will be doing a rank-specific, theme and age appropriate activity. Webelo II Scouts will also have an optional overnight at Fort Cooper (aka “The Fortress”). Webelos participating in the overnight will need to bring equipment to sleep overnight (tent, sleeping bag, water bottle, camp chair, bug spray, etc). Although many requirements may be completed, there is not a guarantee of completion.  


WOLF: “Cracking the Code” (Code of the Wolf)

BEAR: ”Phishing for Clues” (A Bear Goes Fishing)

WEBELO I: “Impossible Mission” (Webelos Walkabout)

WEBELO II: “Tactical Overnight Mission” (Castaway)